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Here are Peak Recordings:

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With your purchase you will receive a "zip" file that includes the following “hi-bitrate mp3” tracks: lead, no lead, harmony tracks (if one was recorded); a “lo-bit rate mp3” vocal is included for a reference. You will also receive cue sheets in “pdf” and in “html” formats.

PEAK 103 - Friday Night Blues (John Conlee)
Instrumental (sample) Vocal (full, Rob Baird)PriceCuesheetSong Info
$9.00 (US)

PEAK 102 - Rock and Roll Again (Blackberry Smoke)
Instrumental (sample) Vocal (full, Dave Eno)PriceCuesheetSong Info
$9.00 (US)

PEAK 101 - Stone In Love (Journey)
Instrumental (sample) Vocal (full, Dean Singleton)PriceCuesheetSong Info
$9.00 (US)

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